It's funny how popular sentiments can change over time. For example, when folks were trying to figure out which was better back in the day, the SNES or Genesis, the audio capabilities of both were inevitably brought up. And many in the early 90s agreed that the synth-y sound of Nintendo's machine was undeniably superior to the harsh, thick thuds that Sega's produced.

At least in my high school (I grew up in Washington State, where Nintendo was based, so perhaps everyone was biased). But today, opinions are far more mixed, and the Genesis definitely has its fans. Especially among those who appreciate chiptunes.

But speaking as a Sega audiophile (one who actually prefers the soundtracks of Mega Man 1-3 on the Genesis, as opposed to the NES originals, in some cases at least), even I'm impressed with CakeJarey 's SNES sounding take on the moon track from Ducktales, one of the holy grails among NES audiophiles.

Granted, the key detail is how the Final Fantasy VI sound engine was utilized, but still. Furthermore, the musical prowess of Square during that era is once again proven. After the cut is more of the same, but with the main theme from Mega Man 3. Which I will admit, blows away the one heard in Mega Man: Wily Wars.

[via Capcom Unity]