With all this talk of Dragon Quest X, it's easy to forget that Dragon Quest Collection is also on the way (the fact that it's a Japan only release might be the primary reason).

The Wii collection brings together the original Famicom versions of Dragon Quests I, II, and III, plus their Super Famicom revamps. A trio of commercials have been christened to the mark the occasion, the one above, and the other two after the cut.

Years back, Nintendo found success with their Famicom Mini Series, which saw consoles favorites ported to the Game Boy Advance. Many of the ads featured adults taking a break from their hectic lives to relieve their carefree childhoods, one filled with classic Nintendo games of course (here's an example).

So we're seeing the same here, but it's difficult to find issue with such blatant cashing in on nostalgia when it's done in such a classy manner (as well as super cute). The other two has the father triumphantly discovering his old notes from back in the day and putting them to go use X many years later. Though each has a different outcome...

[via Tiny Cartridge]