I hope you haven't forgotten about SQ Chips, Square Enix's new album featuring songs from Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and the publisher's other franchises, all remixed by composers and chiptune musicians like Sexy Synthesizer, Hidekazu Tanaka of Monaca, and Mitsuto Suzuki.

The album released last week in Japan, and while it doesn't seem to be on the U.S. Amazon/iTunes shops yet, you can preview all 18 tracks from SQ Chips at the CD's official site -- you can match the Japanese tracklist with English translations here.

Even better, if you hit that earlier link to the CD's Japanese site, you can download a free DJ OMKT track, the "SQ Series: Mega Mix", which is seven minutes of awesomeness. Just hit the button in the pop-up to grab the medley. Seriously, fantastic stuff.

[Via Nobuoo]