To help promote Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, Capcom of Japan has signed up celebrated director Sabu (real name Hiroyuki Tanaka) to produce a tie-in short. "Tokyo Dead Rising" will be screened the night before the game's launch in Japan, on October 13.

While not exactly a household name, even among hardcore Japanese cinephiles in these parts, Sabu does have his contingency of American fans nonetheless (like myself). It's unfortunate that all of his movies are nearly impossible to track down, but each is well worth the effort, especially Postman Blues.

They generally center on ordinary people becoming entangled in extraordinary (and completely absurd) situations, almost always involving the yakuza. But zombies have never been part of the tried and tested Sabu formula.

Furthermore, the above looks closer to the Japanese gore flicks that have become all the rage as of late (Tokyo Gore Police is perhaps the best and most readily available example). It'll be interesting to see Sabu tread such foreign waters, as well as see how the yakuza invariably gets tossed into the mix.

[via Capcom Unity]