Those familiar with Sankaku Complex are well aware of its reputation for focusing on the cringeworthy side of anime, anime fandom, and Japanese pop culture as a whole. Which to some, such as myself, can still be entertaining nonetheless in certain instances.

They also love to feature examples of urban decay (which some believe is intrinsically tied to their primary mission object). A recent photo set featuring images of an abandoned amusement park in Nara is a perfect example (again, the SC is fairly NSFW, so be careful before clicking).

Among all the pretty pictures of neglected roller coasters and merry go rounds, which should appeal to fans of such things without question, are images from its abandoned arcade. Included is a rather large assortment of deluxe units, some definite classics, like Daytona USA 2, Top Skater, AM3's Jurassic Park lightgun game, Victory Lap, and more. There's also a Pokemon kiddie ride.

All the machines appear to be in pristine physical collection, with the exception of some graffiti on Dance Dance Revolution, but even then it's nothing major. One might assume that they're in fine working condition as well; the folks who ran the park pulled the plug on everything, due to financial difficulty. That was in 2006.

If the pictures are indeed as recent as they appear to be, from August of this year, then it is truly an amazing find.