GameCity, Europe's premier celebration of video game culture, is almost here. The sixth one in fact, and to ensure that people take notice, the festival's organizers have enlisted Cory Schmitz to help with the branding.

Schmitz has more than proven himself as a graphic designer with a keen understanding of game related imagery. As evidenced by his recent Uncharted 3 and Faraway shirt designs, along with his self-published zines, EXP. and The Controller, naturally.

So his latest work is just another notch on Schmitz's belt. After the cut is a closer look at the three characters that have been chosen to help represent the many faces of gaming, plus the posters they ended up in, which will no doubt be adorning the city of Nottingham very soon (if not already).

They're all over the official website as well, where one will find all the info they need to attend. GameCity6 happens this October 26 through 29.