If you had a Mac in the early 90s, or at least if you putzed around with your school's Apple computer when you were supposed to be doing something productive, you likely played John Calhoun's Glider or one of its several sequels.

Calhoun, who left Apple this year and has been working on his own iOS projects since, is bringing that memorable shareware game to the App Store soon with Glider Classic, with a new graphical style, tap-based controls, and mechanics pulled from Glider's early versions.

The title will release for iPad, iPhone 3GS and newer, and iPod 3G and newer first, followed by an update to support older devices. Calchoun is also considering a Mac App Store release for Glider Pro, which could feature a built-in house editor, according to a report from Touch Arcade.

Still waiting to see someone bring an official Bolo port to iOS, and then I can die happy (after playing a few hundred rounds of this online, of course).