Square Enix's beloved RPG Chrono Trigger, which debuted for the SNES in 1995 (and has received ports to other platforms many times since), will release on PlayStation Network this week, as will another 16-bit classic -- Final Fantasy VI, which fans in the U.S. might remember from its originally localized title Final Fantasy III.

The publisher had plenty of mobile announcements at Tokyo Game Show last week, too: it's bringing Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy Legends (episodic mobile RPG, not the Game Boy title), popular Japanese board game series Itadaki Street, and Pokemon-esque Game Boy Color RPG Dragon Quest Monsters to Android and iOS.

I fully support these classics being brought to as many platforms as possible -- even if the virtual controls on the mobile ports might not be the best way to play them.

[Via TUAW, image via Zac Gorman]