2SLEEP1 is by Goto80 and Raquel Meyers, who were last seen performing together at Blip Fest Tokyo 2010. Their latest collaboration is a 66 minute long playlist of audiovisual performances designed to make a person fall asleep.

According to Meyers: "Both the music interface and the graphics are built up from text symbols. This means that the (graphical) objects can work together with the (musical) instructions, on a visual level."

Meanwhile, in addition to mentioning how everything was mostly made using a Commodore 64 and an Amiga, Goto80 warns: "The videos are early explorations of new methods, so it's rather brutal at times."

Perhaps the only thing left to ass is to simply reiterate the instructions that accompany 2SLEEP1: "Press play, go fullscreen and lie down."

[via Nobuooo]