One-man-studio and prolific XBLIG developer Radiangames has announced that its first iOS title, Super Crossfire, will be coming to the App Store soon courtesy of Electronic Arts-owned publisher Chillingo (original publisher of Angry Birds and Cut The Rope).

Super Crossfire will be the third iteration of Radiangames' flippable Space Invaders-style shoot'em up that got its start on XBLIG -- the studio's Luke Schneider has several times expressed his struggles to make a profit on that platform due to limited visibility in the crowded marketplace.

Schneider says that partnering with Chillingo will give Super Crossfire a better chance of being successful than trying to self-publish and self-promote the title. He says having a publisher like Chillingo will help Super Crossfire reach the top of the App Store charts.

"With a marketplace like the App Store, sales are exponential in terms of success, meaning games that reach the top of the charts have sales many magnitudes greater than those that are moderate successes," explains Schneider.

"The key to getting higher on that exponential sales curve is exposure more than anything else. Exposure from Apple, exposure from the press, and exposure from other games. Chillingo is one of the grand masters of getting exposure, while I am not."

In addition to releasing for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, Super Crossfire will appear on Windows, Mac, and online as a Flash/Unity-based title.