Look, I know you're still reeling from the fact that Cheetahmen II is now finishable, and I'm aware that the creepy (and possibly unaired) Action 52 commercial looms large in your subconscious. But if you've ever wanted to see Active Enterprises' magnum opus played from start to finish in one shockingly brief sitting, watch the video above to make all of your wildest dreams come true.

This tool-assisted speedrun, showcasing all six levels from the bugfixed edition of Cheetahmen II, clocks in at three minutes and 33 seconds. The player takes a lot of hits to save time, and the double-jump glitch is used to skip large segments of the later levels, but otherwise, this replay represents the essential Cheetahmen II experience: an inexplicable journey that ends on a sudden and unsatisfying note.

[via @Goblin_Retreat, Nicovideo]