For those who have been lamenting the loss of Cave Story on the Mac, due to Apple's most recent OS update (Lion rendered all Power PC apps dead, and I don't think a Universal build was ever compiled, but could be wrong), rejoice. Because just released onto the Mac App Store is Cave Story+.

Published by Nicalis, it's a port of their WiiWare release, which includes the optional updated graphics and music, the updated translation, support for USB gamepads, and most notable of all, the Wind Fortress level. It's the first addition to the game, courtesy of creator Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya, since its original PC release in 2004.

Furthermore, Windows users will have to wait for the forthcoming Steam release (though many Mac users might be inclined to wait for that as well, since it'll no doubt be cross-platform). Cave Story+ is $10, a small price to pay to say thank you to Amaya for his groundbreaking and still very much enjoyable little game.

Unless you feel you've already said thanks enough by supporting the WiiWare and DSiWare releases. Don't forget the upcoming 3DS version either.