From seemingly out of nowhere, Blip Festival Australia 2012 was revealed last night. Taking place in Melbourne on February 17 and 18, it marks the fourth incarnation of the world's premiere chiptunes showcase. Alongside Blip Festival Europe, Blip Festival Tokyo, and the one that started it all, in New York City.

It's also the very first to take place below the equator, let alone Down Under. Hence why 8bitpeoples are joining forces with Soundbytes, which represents Melbourne's chip music community. They've been organizing local shows for years now, so no doubt this is a dream come true.

Other than the date and the venue, no additional information is available, including the line-up. Perhaps it's a safe bet that folks behind the scenes have their hands full at the moment, with Blip Festival Tokyo 2011 exactly one month away.

It might also be a given that little scale, the first Aussie to grace the Blip NYC stage in 2009, with his custom modified Mega Drives, will be included on the bill. To find out more, be sure to keep your eye on the official Blip Festival Australia homepage.