Not only do game jams happen all over the place, their specific locations vary greatly as well. Take the Berlin Indie Game Jam for example. The four day long event, which consists of three hour long development contests and talks from esteemed colleagues, all happens at café in the Mitte district.

Conceived in 2009 by Robert Zetzsche, it was a reaction to the TIGSource indie game jams that were happening in the America. Zetzsche basically went, "F*ck it, we're going doing it in Berlin; Berlin's awesome." And thus BIG Jam was born.

Unfortunately, the less than 3 minute long clip doesn't provide a story behind the venue. Yet none is really necessary; cafés are great places to do work, if one hasn't discovered already. At least we get to hear others touch upon the challenges and joys of creating games in such a setting.

The video is for START//SELECT, a Berlin design student's bachelor project, and is an abridged version of a forthcoming 7 minute long piece that will detail BIG Jam further. That's due in January, but until then, a few of the games you (presumably) see being produced can be test driven via the event's homepage.

[via Destructoid]