Mega Man has utilized a multitude of different weapons throughout the course of his 10 main outings, plus many more if you count his Game Boy and other side adventures.

And while not all of them are as cool as the Elec Beam from part 1, nor virtually everything in part 2, I honestly can't think of any that's as lame as the Mega Ball from part 8. For whatever reason, the idea of a purple ball that you kick around just seems dumb, never-mind how overly difficult it is to deal damage with it.

The thing's only good for jumping higher (effectively replacing Rush, who is thus relegated to an even smaller bit player role, yet another source of annoyance), in a fashion that's not unlike how Samus uses bombs in Metroid. But even more awkward.

Yet YouTube user KeijiDragon, in a video entitled "I totally like the Mega Ball", proves that it's not so bad after-all. In addition to listing eight reasons in the description, we also see it being used to access areas that was never meant to be reached.

Again, just like in Metroid. Though in that game, there's a totally different technique that has nothing to do with bombs (I speak of the door jumping trick, naturally).

[via Destructoid]