These days, you have so many game related podcasts to choose from that it's easy to fill an mp3 player with about a month's worth of high quality listening material. Maybe more. But back in the day, before the internet to be exact, options were not nearly as plentiful.

Yet there was still one, even if it was fairly limited in scope when compared to today's offerings. Those who made the Nintendo Cereal System as part of their breakfast ritual might remember the Nintendo Power tips cassette tapes that were given away. But for those who weren't lucky to nab one, like myself, we finally have the video above.

To be honest, it's a bit of a disappointment. The tips provided were fairly common knowledge and it's only about three minutes long. The Coming Out of Their Shells rock opera that the Ninja Turtles produced around the same time (and which you had to order Pizza Hut to get, which my parents hated) was far more satisfactory. At least that beat is pretty funky.

[via Albotas]