Capcom Unity recently unearthed an old Japanese promo for Ultimate Ghosts'n Goblins. It details Arthur's activities during the 15 years that separated Super Ghouls'n Ghosts for the Super Famicon/NES and his PSP return in 2006.

Instead of living it up in a castle, with that princess he went through such much trouble to save, he somehow ended up in a modest sized apartment in Japan. There he enjoyed a carefree retirement, which was mostly sustained by cashing in on treasure that he had saved during his adventures.

Days spent soaking in the city, with nothing more than ice cream and a pair of boxers, plus nights spent impressing ladies at the bar with the aforementioned riches, is a hero's life indeed. But as is often the case, duty eventually calls, forcing another sprint towards danger.

Either that, or the newspaper article Arthur stumbles across is all about him running away from yakuza and his lack of respect for the elderly. Someone who actually understands Japanese will have to help shed light on that detail.