A game that flew under many people's radar during Tokyo Game Show but is getting a second look, thanks to the just released uncensored version of its trailer (above), is Army Corps of Hell by Square Enix for PlayStation Vita.

What appears to be a Pikmin-like experience is in fact the case, according to Wired's hands on preview. Gameplay is similar, in the sense that you also rally a loyal army of little creatures that act as either offense or defense, depending on the situation.

But the key differences are, instead of jovial looking astronaut, you're some skull-faced demon with huge horns plus a red cape, and instead of exploring Shigeru Miyamoto's backyard, it's some hellish landscape. Also, your minions are far from cute, but rather ghoulish.

There's also the soundtrack, which isn't the publisher's first attempt at tapping into such sounds. Perhaps some might recall Heavy Metal Thunder, which combined heavy metal and Custom Robo. No undead element was present in that game, by the way.

Hopefully, since it's a launch title, Army Corps of Hell will actually make it out here.