While Tokyo Jungle is my most anticipated PS3 game showing at TGS today, the PS Vita title I'm most hyped about (just a little more than Vanillaware's Dragon's Crown, even) is SCEJ/Siren's action-adventure title Gravity Daze, formerly known as Gravity Rush.

The game has a new trailer to coincide with the Japanese expo, and we can see more of its amnesiac heroine Gravity Kitten flying around buildings, city structures, subway trains, and dark vortexes in the sky. There's also a bit of combat, mostly involving kick combos.

And after the break, we have a nearly 9-minute walkthrough of Gravity Daze by director Keiichiro Toyama, thankfully subtitled, in which he explains the story, unique features, and how to play with the PS Vita's gyro controls:

[Via Siliconera]