If you're into video games, and especially if you read this site, there's a very good chance that you're also into Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. The first two seasons just came out on DVD yesterday, by the way.

It may also be less than a shock to hear that its creator, Pendleton Ward, is a big time video game fan also (as if the Game Boy-esque character BMO wasn't a dead give away). But he mostly admires their ability to tell a tale:

"I think games are amazing for telling stories. I don't think that people do that very often. I think story isn't always the most important thing to game designers, but I wish it were. I think that the best games have stories, and when I eventually make games, story will be front and center."

Ward goes on to state that he'd be delighted to work on a game based upon his show, which might happen if it remains popular. As for what it would be like:

"If it was a small budget I'd work to make a sidescroller, but if we had the largest budget in the world I'd love to make something like Oblivion, but set in the Adventure Time universe where it's a giant free-roaming world. It might be fun to make it have Monster Hunter style gameplay with Katamari graphics."

He also tells Game Informer that the upcoming season will feature plenty of zombies, due to him playing so much Dead Island during production.

One also has to wonder if he's a fan of Kirby 64, given how one stage takes place in a post-apoaolytpic earth, which is the same setting for Adventure Time.