Fans of Fallout 3 and New Vegas who wish they had their very own Personal Information Processor from RobCo Industries can celebrate. Or drop YouTube user MyMagicPudding a line, to kindly ask for one of their own.

Unlike previous attempts, which usually combines either an Android or jailbroken iOS app with the Pip-Boy clock that came with the survival edition of the game (here's just one example), MyMagicPudding's handiwork is entirely different and rather unique.

Granted an Android phone is part of the equation, a HTC Desire HD, which provides the display and processor. But the actual PipOS application was custom created, entirely in C. Furthermore, the body is also original, courtesy of the RPF, which creates high quality replica props from movies, tv shows, and games.

Needless to say, the comments section of the YouTube video, along with the Reddit thread from which it was spotted, is filled with everyone trying to make "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY CAPS" jokes.