Youtube user zentanith believes the commercial above never aired, but I like to prevent that it did. Furthermore, the footage was discovered on an old VHS tape filled with old Night Flight episodes, and either immediately preceded or followed a Church of the SubGenius segment.

The ad doesn't push the high dollar value of the Action 52 cartridge as much as one would expect, though the bargain basement production value of the animation itself is perhaps sufficient enough. Though if one had to make a direct comparison with other cartoons at the time, it wouldn't be a total shock to learn that the quality is not half bad.

Obviously, the highlight is seeing Action 52's de facto mascots, The Cheetahmen, fully realized. Everything from Aries pouncing on a young boy, as if he's about to bludgeon him to death with a club, but later high fives, to the mixture of Michelangelo (from the Ninja Turtles) and Rambo that Hercules exhibits, it's all good stuff.

[via GoNintendo]