A few days ago I mentioned an unofficial English transcription of Sdatcher, the follow-up to Snatcher in the form of a radio drama. Well, YouTube user zajunker has done the same, but his take is slighty easier to digest and better all around.

Other than the slightly smoother and seemingly more accurate translation, it's simply a better way to enjoy the overall package, i.e. the voice acting, the sound design, and Akira Yamaoka's terrific music.

And not only is Jean-Jack and Little John's banter even more enjoyable, I also didn't realize until now that Kojima himself was playing the role of the pint sized Metal Gear!

Nor was I aware of Suda 51's role as the mysterious Man in the Restroom. Which makes total sense, given that one of his more famous creations, Travis Touchdown, frequents the john quite regularly.

[via Joystiq]