I have no idea why, but wacky case mods have been popping up all over the place. First there's the wooden laptop setup for the Saturn that Eric just highlighted, and now we have a GameCube crammed into a PSP, aka the Fusion Micro.

Because I'm not super familiar with the scene, I'm perhaps far more impressed with the second analog nub alone than someone who is. Hence why I'm not 100% certain with how it all works.

But far as I can tell, celebrated ubber modder Ashen has taken GameCube components and crammed them into the very tiny space behind the PSP, alongside modchips that are normally intended for the Wii. They're the reason why GC roms can be booted off SD cards.

Quite the steps involved, but it clearly gets the job done. After the cut is his previous attempt at a portable Cube. Which again utilizes a combination of Wii modchips and homebrew software, to not only run GC games, but SNES and N64 titles as well.

[via GoNintendo]