GamingPalooza has just posted a twenty plus minute long look at boot up sequences from assorted consoles and handhelds, divided into two parts (the second one is after the cut).

Pretty much everything from the Sega Mark 3 (which is apparently the very first system to have one) and onward is included. Like the FM Towns Marty, Pinoneer's LaserActive, even the Casio Loopy.

The only ones absent, that I know of at least, are the Phillips CD-i and NUON. Perhaps they never had any? Sega dominates the montage by the way. Hardly a shock, given the crazy number of hardware variants they've had over the years.

Speaking of, the ones for the Mega CD and Sega CD are my favorites; their rotating sprites seem a tab but more superfluous than everyone else's. It's like, you have Mode 7-like effects like the SNES, we get it. You can relax!

[via GoNintendo]