Similar to Eric's initial reaction to the 18 minute long tribute to Mario music from over the years, my excitement level towards Mato Tree's comparison of the Japanese and American versions of SMB was fairly minimal upon first glance.

So little did I expect such an entertaining and informative read. Granted, much of the info covered is nothing new to any seasoned Super Mario veteran, and has been readily available elsewhere for ages. But Mato is able to present an immense amount of data in an extremely easy to digest manner.

Not once does his rundown become tiresome, which can't be said for even the best wikis after a while. And despite being fairly knowledgeable on the subject, even I learned something new. Specifically, the 256 secret worlds that exists in the Famicon version, which the video above illustrates.

My only gripe is how Mato has nothing regarding the differences between the console and arcade versions. Granted, the piece is mostly concerned with the game's etymology, but considering how much he has to say about everything else, it's a bit of a downer. Still, an engrossing read nonetheless!

[via GoNintendo]