Capcom's penchant for dashing the hopes and dreams of Mega Man fans is well know by now (behavior that's also been well established). Another fairly recent example was how they completely failed to seize the opportunity to connect the original and the X series with Mega Man 10, a game everyone had assumed would do just that. Previously, fans had to look towards other, semi-official sources to explore such territory (aside from fan-fiction, of course)

In an interview conducted by Sipher Says Stuff with Joe Ruby, one half of Ruby-Spears Productions, which produced the American cartoon, yet another example of Capcom's anti-Mega Man sentimentality was revealed. When asked why it was cancelled despite healthy ratings, and after listing possible reasons, including the associated toy line being axed or Capcom acting in mysterious ways once again: "Probably all the above and more, which we were not privy to. Obviously, we were looking forward to continuing the series, which was fun to do, and, had great ratings... We were planning on integrating the new Mega X character and game materials into the new shows."

The interviewer also brings up X's appearance in season two (see above), and rumors of how he was supposedly to be spun off into his own series, which Ruby also confirms. Rather sad, and even more frustrating news for a Mega Man devotee. Anyhow, outside of cartoons, what else has there been? Various homegrown American comic books over the years, including the currently being published by Archie Comics. Before that you had one from Dreamwave Productions.

According to my own personal source for all things Mega Man, Zack Giallongo (who aside from being one half of the Life Meter Comics team, was also a key instrument in bringing the Japanese comics to American shores), the fourth issue ended with a cliffhanger in which X arrives from the future, asking for help. Apparently the series as a whole was disappointing, and both it and the proposed X spin-off never happened due to the publisher going bankrupt (not Capcom's fault, by the way). And since the official source is clearly not interested in connecting the two franchises, all fans can do is continue crafting their own tales.