Well that didn't take long; burgeoning internet superstar Yan Marchal, from Sanuk Games, is once again in front of the camera. But instead of starring in another Hysteria Project (I wish), he's here to talk about not just one but three new games for the PS3.

Coming soon is the Arkedo Series. All three titles, Jump, Swap, and Pixel, were previously available for Xbox Live Arcade's Indie Games section, and will soon be PlayStation Network bound for just $2.49 each. Which is half a buck cheaper than on Microsoft's machine as Joystiq points out.

Marchal also notes that the star of Pixel was previously seen in an iOS spin-off called Pix'n Love, which is also connected to a series of French gaming zines that we detailed not too long ago. Anyhow, it's good seeing Marchal cracking jokes, instead of trying to creep us out. Though once more, he'd be perfect in their next horror-tinged FMV title. Or perhaps those plans are in the cards already?