Yesterday we made mention of Hideo Kojima tweeting about assorted Metal Gear related business. What about today? The image above says it all.

So, what does it mean? Who knows. The accompanying text, roughly translated to "Found this at Omori-kun's desk. What's this?" is both cryptic and playful, much like everything the man does. Though one must assume that if there really was a 3DS port of (or sequel to) Zone of the Enders in production, such news would be presented in a far more official manner.

Then again, even Kojima himself has admitted in the past that he often says way too much on Twitter. Also, remember how bummed out he was a while back? Maybe it was in reference to an actual ZOE 3DS project that had been extinguished, and perhaps with the news that the recent price cut has led to the healthiest hardware sales figures since the system's launch, there's renewed hope of it being back on again? That's pure speculation of course.

Anyhow, even at this late hour, the internet is abuzz with speculation. Though I must admit, I'm confused as to why Takahiro Omori was mentioned. He's a noted anime storyboard artist and director, but I had no idea that he's connected with ZOE whatsoever. I more than welcome an expert to shed light on the situation. Maybe that person can also explain the screenshot of Jehuty as a waitress that someone just posted on NeoGAF.

I also find what he passed along immediately afterward to be even more exciting, which everyone else has either not noticed or just don't care. Which is all about his cult hit for the GBA, Boktai. In addition to posting the cover to the game's proposal, he also passed along a page of the comic that helped to illustrate the game's dependance on solar energy (both viewable after the cut).