Anyone who seriously follows anime knows already that the hottest new property in Japan at the moment is Puella Magi Madoka Magica. So not surprisingly, there's a video game tie-in on the way (see above). Also not surprisingly, it doesn't look all that great. While a vaguely Persona 4-ripoff is not the worst idea in the world, it's not the best either.

Meanwhile, Twilight Frontier, a prominent doujin game developer recently unveiled their own take on Madoka called Grief Syndrome at Comiket 80. As you'll see by trailer (after the cut), the differences production-wise is night and day. Yet there's still a far keener understanding and appreciation of the subject matter on display that the real deal.

Much has been said about the Japanese video game market, which has been in a perpetual state of disarray in recent years. One response has been to appeal to western markets, but aside from missing the mark, gamers back home have been left feeling disenfranchised, which simply makes matters worse. And that's exactly why a lazy, phone-ed effort is especially inexcusable.

In my eyes, games aimed at its own demographics that also miss the mark is perhaps the biggest problem at the moment, with Namco Bandai's latest being a prime example. Then again, fans will still gobble copies up, provided it comes bundled with a limited edition figure, hence why similar releases still managed to rack up sales (but whether they're actually played is an entirely different matter).

[via Andriasang & Dark Diamond]