Do guys actually do this? Walking around with their t-shirts half-pulled up, showing off their six-packs and pretending this is a good look? Is this a thing that is happening in your town right now? Maybe it's a good thing I spend all day locked in this room, blogging until the sun goes down...

Whether or not real people are actually doing this, fake people now are, thanks to the release of Jersey Shore-themed virtual accessories that you can now buy and dress your Xbox 360 avatar with. For just 160 Microsoft points each, you can have a Chilean midget's hairdo and situational abs.

The Avatar Marketplace has several other items based on the MTV reality show's stars, which you can see listed past the post break, courtesy of Shacknews. I have also embedded a humorous animated GIF of a cat reacting to these avatar items. The cautious cat sees these abs as a threat.

  • Snooki Leopard Dress - 240 Microsoft Points
  • JWOWW Hoop Earrings - 80 Microsoft Points
  • JWOWW Black Dress - 240 Microsoft Points
  • Jersey Shore Paulie D Hair - 160 Microsoft Points
  • Jersey Shore Tank Top - 80 Microsoft Points
  • Grenade Whistle - 320 Microsoft Points

[Cat GIF via Spindashing]