Remember the awesome Gremlins 2 by Sunsoft for the NES? Since then, a few other releases have also tapped into the franchise; the only other truly notable entry is Stripe vs Gizmo for the GBA, mostly due to its very limited print run (hence why it's become an object for collectors).

Well, Siliconera has just unearthed details pertaining to another that was never finished. And while the lost title certainly doesn't look all that amazing, at least it was something different.

It was the product of Neko Entertainment, a French developer, circa the early 2000s for the PS2 and GameCube. The most surprising thing is how it was a squad-based third person shooter. The player controlled either a team of Mogwais or the muted versions, switching between team members on the fly.

The unnamed game appears to be heavily inspired by Bizarre Creations' Fur Fighters, which came out around the time of its development. The look and feel from the screenshots is certainly apparent to anyone familiar with the modest Dreamcast hit. After the cut is the only footage that exists, a 3D model of Gizmo for the intro.