For Sega CD owners from back in the day, perhaps some of your fondest gaming memories include titles that are generally the butt of everyone else's jokes. Like Sewer Shark and Night Trap. Well, pretty much every single genre gets a revival or tribute at one point or another. So maybe FMV games are finally getting their day in the sun?

The first Hysteria Project was a video driven, survival horror tinged choose your own adventure that offered little in the way of actual interaction, nor an amazing story quite frankly. But it was goofy, campy fun, and perfect for a portable device like the iPhone or PSP. Hence why we have a sequel; the iOS version is already available, and as Sanuk Games' Yan Marchal tells us, a PlayStation Minis release is forthcoming (which means it can also be played on your PS3 as well).

I've yet to play the new game, though I'm looking forward. Though I'm assuming that Marchal won't be present, to bark direction at the player as Dana Plato did in Night Trap. Which is a shame, since his delivery in the advertisement is... compelling to say the least.

[via Joystiq]