Any diehard Tekken fan will tell you that the only victory sweeter than one achieved with a devastating ten hit combo is a perfectly executed volleyball serve to the face. Siliconera recently spoke with Katsuhiro Harada about the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue, though the best bits concern the various mini games and how they cam to be:

"The starting point for Tekken Force is we wanted to have Tekken characters side-scroll through stages and pick up meat to replenish health. At the beginning, that's what we wanted to do. I know it sounds silly and it's hard to see the purpose, but I really wanted to do that.

Tekken Ball was first designed as a simulator to help people practice air juggles. The original idea was to hit the ball and juggle it to a basket, sort of like basketball. It didn't go how I imagined and I was kind of frustrated. If it's not going to be good, I thought I should make it into a versus game. Just an art designer, programmer, and myself made Tekken Ball. We were pretty efficient. The rest of the team was swamped developing the main game at that time.

Since we used a ball in Tekken Ball, we thought about using one in other ways. At first, we thought about pinball, but we thought we would rather have two characters taking turns so bowling would be better suited. That's how we settled on bowling."

Harada goes on to say that his team gets requests all the time about Tekken Ball or Bowling, hence the recently the released iOS version of the later. Curious how there's seemingly zero demand for another Tekken Force; no doubt the version that was fleshed out to the point of tedium, which graced Tekken 6, killed any interest on that end.