Here's a fun fact: Super Sentai, the long running superhero series from Japanese television (which had a brief stint in America as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) has never been hotter. The renewed interest is primarily due to the big screen anniversary celebration that saw every single team from the past 35 years, all punching and kicking together for the first time.

So naturally, there's going be video game tie-ins, like Super Sentai Battle Ranger Cross for the Wii. While it only features five teams instead of thirty-five, and is essentially a Dynasty Warriors clone, it should still be enough to appease fans of the show who care more about nostalgia than innovation or heavy-hitting gameplay.

But there appears to be at least one noteworthy aspect; just like in the show, there's a part in which the monster of the week becomes super sized, prompting the rangers to call upon their gigantic mecha and finish the fight. But that in-between part appears to be prolonged, so the end result is the very little good guys actively engaging with a very big bad one. It's somewhat reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus, which Siliconera noticed as well.