Graphic and interactive designer Maxence Paranche has created a device that explores theories pertaining to hyperrealism with the help of the Kinect. Called the Hyper(Reality) System, a person wears a helmet that has zero visibility. Instead, the outside world is seen though high definition video glasses. And all of its information comes from sensors attached to a glove, which is powered by the Kinect. It scans one's surroundings and then reproduces everything as monochrome dots.

The heart of Hyper(Reality) is an actual environment in a digital form, but in the midst of said real world and in real time. Paranche notes that it allows a visitor of a museum (The Geffrye in the case of the video above) to experience things in completely different manner, and theoretically become more immersed in its collection.

Though one must assume it would be compelling no matter what the setting. A perfect illustration is the second clip after the cut, of Paranche himself at The Last Tuesday Society's aptly named Little Shop of Horrors. More information can be gathered here.

[Via Destructoid]