Recently posted over at Insert Credit is this snapshot of Mark Cerny (who just gave a rather invigorating talk at GDC Europe) showing Michael Jackson around Sega's office back in the day.

It's been reported that the picture was taken at 1988, so it's hard to say what Cerny was doing there at the time. This is right after Missile Defense 3-D for the Master System the year prior, and well before before he'd be involved in Sonic 2. Perhaps some other project in-between that only diehard fans are aware of? There's the possibility of the Moonwalker arcade and console games of course.

Though one thing is known; the first comment in the IC post asks: "Is that a young Macaulay Culkin in the sunglasses behind him?" Nope; they became b-fries after Culkin's breakout performance in Home Alone, which came out in 1990.