D4 Enterprise seemingly bowed out of the iOS market after releasing a lineup of emulated MSX titles in 2009, including standouts like Aleste and Relics. After a long hiatus, the company makes a sudden return to the App Store this week with the release of Guardic, a Compile-developed shooter from 1986.

Guardic was one of Compile's earliest shoot-'em-ups; the company would later release Zanac and Gun-Nac for the Nintendo Entertainment System, along with Blazing Lazers for the TurboGrafx-16. Guardic itself received an NES sequel in The Guardian Legend -- a likeable multigenre experiment that earned a cult following.

It's neat to see landmark MSX releases find a new audience in the App Store, even though the pricing is a little out of whack. $2.99 seems steep, and future price drops are unlikely, given D4's lack of recent activity. But hey, at least Eggy is free!