Much as been written about the friendly Post-It note war between Ubisoft's Paris HQ and BNP, a French Bank. It all began when a bored employee from Ubi's end decided to whip up some Space Invaders on her window, which inspired similar efforts from coworkers. Then someone across the street at the bank, one who also digs video games as well, decided to do his own.

The end result has been a tit for tat that's amused gaming blogs for weeks now. But, it would also seem the war is seemingly over; just posted on their Facebook page is a stunning, three story tall (and made from who knows how many Post-Its) Ezio from Assassin's Creed.

Or has the war been truly won? BNP is going to have to work hard to come up with something as technically impressive. Barring that, how about something more conceptually striking? Say, a disgruntled gamer that's pissed at Ubisoft botched PC port of From Dust, or their fury-enducing DRM initiatives in general? Granted, that might be tough to pull off.