On the 6th floor of this year's PAX Prime, close to the PAX 10 indie showcase, was a set-up by The Digital Game Museum. Similar to The Videogame History Museum, it's yet another organization dedicated to the preservation of gaming's past.

In this particular instance, it's a traveling showcase, until they can procure the resources for a permanent home. The very first stop was Maker Faire, with plans for similar events, along with educational institutions, later down the road.

The scope of the institution covers pretty much everything. But for PAX, the adventure genre was the primary focus, with plenty of early artifacts on display.



Not surprisingly, many older attendees that stopped by became awash with memories from their childhoods, though today's youth also gave King's Quest a spin. Or at least tried their best.



Several contemporary examples were found as well, including Telltale Game's Back To The Future. Though you also had a few total odds and ends, like Metal Slug for whatever reason.

Another goal at PAX was their "Adopt A Game" initiative. Among other things, it allows the Museum to have bragging rights for games that they also don't have to go through the trouble of storing, which appears to be the primary challenge for them at the moment.


They gladly accept donations, both in the form of games or just cash, as well. For more information, simply refer to their website.