It's been a trend lately, video games being transformed into tabletop experiences. Most recently we got wind of Metal Gear Sold X Risk, though surely everyone knows about Donkey Kong Jenga by now.

And now we have Super Smash Bros Board, which as the title implies, is Nintendo's all-star brawler reworked as a board game. It's a completely unofficial effort, but a very decent one, right down to the packaging.

The game's creator, James Gabbard, was inspired by a Photoshop contest on Kotaku of all things. He's also hoping to potentially get a job with either Nintendo or Hasbro; at the very least, his chances are greater now than before its existence, a month ago.

All the assets are available for download via his homepage. Gabbard also states its 100% editable, and is looking to showcase other players' interpretations or add-ons. More info can be found on his site as well.

[via GoNintendo]