Steph Thirion, creator of the multitouch puzzler Eliss (it was one of my favorite iOS games of 2009, don'chaknow) announced that his next project Faraway has received financial backing from the Indie Fund, and will be playable at PAX this weekend.

Faraway is a single-switch exploration game in which players control a wayward comet. While traveling through space, players control the comet's trajectory by orbiting surrounding stars, and must find hidden areas in which constellations can be created. The teaser above (which was coded within the game's engine, Thirion notes) gives a good idea of what sort of mood the game sets out to establish.

Fellow Indie Fund recipients include Monaco, Shadow Physics, Q.U.B.E., and Dear Esther. Faraway will be featured alongside Derek Yu's Spelunky at Booth 878 during PAX.