Even if you don't share my belief that Cavia's NieR was one of the best games released last year, we can at least agree on one thing -- it had a gorgeous soundtrack. Though Cavia has since been disbanded, the game's legacy lives on in its music, with next month bringing the release of a third soundtrack release, "NieR Tribute Album: Echo."

The album's official website has been updated with a selection of sample tracks from contributing artists sasakure.UK, world's end girlfriend, Schroederheadz, Räfven, Ametsub, and matryoshka. Also at the site: a wallpaper section and a strange behind-the-scenes look at the making of the album's jacket.

By the way, if you think you've recovered from the shock of the game's depressing finale, there's an insightful (and spoiler-filled) discussion currently going on at Talking Time. NieR deserved much, much more than the middling critical reception it got, and in a better world, the game itself would be as widely acclaimed as its soundtrack is.