Square Enix's European branch has just released the first issue of their brand new publication that's dedicated to all things Square Enix. Aptly titled Square Enix Magazine, the primary focus is on the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution, along with interviews with the people behind Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Final Fantasy XIV.

There are also previews of other upcoming titles, a gander at assorted S-E goods, plus community related odds and ends. Overall, a modest yet promising first effort. Personally, I'm a big fan of Nintendo Power magazine, along with the Sega specific Mega Play from back in the day, so seeing yet another publisher specific rag instantly fills me with nostalgia-tinged good feelings.

But those previous examples have also demonstrated that, with the proper editorial leadership, such efforts do not have to be a mindless mouthpiece for some company's bottom-line. And given how much interactions between content providers and consumers are so essential these days, along with how PDFs make fine reading on iPads and similar devices, here's hoping Square Enix Magazine will come to its own. To check it out, it's available for download here.