DId you like that cute Spelunker clay model from Derek Yu's Spelunky x Super Meat Boy comic enough to want one of your own? You'll be able to buy a toy for the adventurer soon, along with figures of Tunnel Men, Damsels, Yeti Kings, Shopkeepers and others.

"I enlisted my dad, who's in China, to help me produce some real toys based on the characters in Spelunky," says Yu. "We started working on this side project a few months ago and now they're finally finished!"

It looks like the two-inch tall figures will come packaged (randomly perhaps?) in neat little cubes, and there will be ten in all you'll be able to collect. We'll let you know when they go on sale (as well as when the Spelunky remake releases for XBLA, of course). More photos after the break!: