We've provided plenty of notices for American readers, primarily those headed to PAX later this weekend, so here's one for those in Japan. Next week is the long awaited home video release of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World on that end. But of the two versions being offered, the one to most definitely nab is the "Ultimate Japan Version" Blu-ray.

Why? Because it includes a commentary track with both the film's director Edgar Wright and star of GameCenter CX, Shinya Arino. There's also footage from Wright and star Michael Cera's press junket for the movie's Japanese theatrical release, plus a roundtable discussion with Tomohiro Machiyama, esteemed film critic and supervisor of the Japanese subtitles.

The DVD release on the other hand is completely bare bones and lacks of any of these extras. Anyhow, despite not being a fan myself, even I'm impressed by Arino's involvement. For something that aims to tap into every bit of old school gaming goodness, this is without a doubt the ultimate feather in Wright's cap.

[via 1UP]