It's been a busy couple of months for a team of hardworking translators at Something Awful's forums. After starting a loose-knit fan translation effort for the Japanese retrogaming-themed television series Game Center CX in June, the group solidified its efforts, bringing several new episodes to western audiences before recently going on hiatus.

Game Center CX is an utter delight of a show, chronicling comedian Shinya Arino's efforts to conquer some of the best, worst, and most notorious video games ever released. To date, SA forumers zari-gani, Random Stranger, Gutcruncher, ShinYaguchi, and Nagoyan have translated the show's Mega Man III, Tokimeki Memorial, Castlevania III, Shadow Land, Clock Tower, Ninja Gaiden II, Out of This World, SOS, 53 Stations of the Toukaidou, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Adventure Island episodes, along with the "TamaGe in South Korea" special.

Some unexpected overlap with Gawker's Retro Game Master dub resulted in two of Something Awful's episodes being removed for download, due to legal concerns. Fellow translation group Clover has also started its own Game Center CX project, contributing subtitles for the Lemmings and Kirby's Adventure episodes.

It's amazing to think that I now have an actual backlog of unwatched Game Center CX episodes, considering that fans once waited months for a single subtitled episode from a previous translation group. I've really enjoyed the SA team's efforts so far, and I hope they resume soon!