In recent years we've seen a trend towards protagonists that are more realistic and, perhaps more importantly, relatable to the player. But nowhere is this more pronounced than in Japan, where games starring otaku are becoming the norm; the recently mentioned Akiba's Trip being an excellent example.

Another is Robotics;Notes, which stars high school student Akiho Senomiya. Not only is he part of his school's robot research club (there's only two members and naturally the other is a cute girl whom he's only friends with, at least early on) but a top ranking fighting game player as well. Though the main thrust of the game is how Senomiya, and therefore the player, does everything through a tablet computer.

Details are fairly sparse, but the trailer does demonstrate at least one (assumed) ability: to view reality in a different light, with the help of his handy tool. Robotics;Notes appears to be an adventure game in the vein of Steins;Gate, another 5pb release, which means there probably won't be much action. That's a shame, because imagine Senomiya battling adversaries, either in a RPG action or even action setting, and being completely dependent upon the apps his iPad-esque device has?

And what platform is this game that's all about a touch based, handheld machine for? Consoles naturally, the Xbox 360 and PS3. Though as Andriasang reports, there is the possibility that it might be ported to a smart phone eventually, which of course are all closely tied to tablets these days.