Perhaps you've seen the video above already. It first appeared on Reddit yesterday afternoon, and has since spread across most of the major gaming blogs (like Kotaku for example). A good deal of skepticism has been voiced, mostly due to the tone of the narrator (to be honest, I'm in that boat). But just as many have been excited by Euclideon's claims, which to a layperson (I'm in that club as well) sounds completely sensible.

Well, apparently it's not. According to Markus "Notch" Persson, whose most famous creation clearly speaks of an affinity towards polygons and sharp angles in general, it's a scam. Basically, "They made a voxel renderer, probably based on sparse voxel octrees. That's cool and all, but... "

Notch goes on to explain how Euclideon's numbers are completely wrong, as well as how voxels are horrible at doing animation, which gobbles up a ton of info and therefore undercuts any supposed benefits they have over traditional polygons. It's also nothing new, with several prior examples cited.

In the end, "They're hyping this as something new and revolutionary because they want funding. It's a scam. Don't get excited... Or, more correctly, get excited about voxels, but not about the snake oil salesmen."