New Star Soccer 5, the indie soccer game that I just can't seem to talk enough about, is now out and free-to-play for anyone that would like to take a virtual player all the way through his career, starting as a 16-year-old kid all the way to becoming a legend in the sport.

You'll not just play matches (as the single character, not the entire team) and train different skills in between games, you'll also do interviews, sign sponsorship deals, gamble at the casino and horse races, buy property and private jets, get drunk, and more.

The game is free-to-play for Windows and Mac in that you can download the app, play five free matches, and then play up to three matches each day. If you'd like to play unlimited matches, you'll need to purchse a premium account for $20.

Just a warning, you'll need to have your PC connected online when you play matches in New Star Soccer 5:

"Players with a Free Account will need to be connected to the internet when they start a career and every time they play a match. Premium Account players will need to be connected to the internet when they start a new career and then at least once every 50 matches. This is so that your player is registered in the database and your stats can be viewed by all other players."

Get it now here!